Platform Artistry, Sport Hair Cuts, Colors & Styles

Presenting: Randy Topham



In this training video, Randy Topham demonstrates two short and two mid-length hair cuts for your more casual, sport-oriented male clients: Opened-up shaping for long natural curls, created with a bricking shear technique to remove excess weight…Updated mop top with a long top and tight sides texturized with a feathered razor…Texturized curly hair with a basic shear cut… And a shoulder-length cut, texturized by twisting strands and randomly hitting with a trimmer and notching with shears to remove weight. Randy also shows four different coloring techniques (scrunching on highlights, weaving, coloring to leave natural highlights, and a hand painted balayage technique) and styling options to illustrate the versatility of the cuts. Includes tips on men’s coloring, pricing, and marketing to attract male clientele.

Received Bronze Telly Award

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