Craniosacral Therapy Techniques

Presenting: John Hoffmann



In this craniosacral therapy video John Hoffmann, CMT, demonstrates the techniques used in a general craniosacral therapy training session to assess and palpate the fluidity of the craniosacral system which affects the body’s overall health. This holistic, hands-on technique alleviates the restrictions on the craniosacral flow that can cause illness, pain, and dysfunction. In addition to the demonstration, Hoffmann also discusses the benefits and contraindications, origins and theories underlying craniosacral therapy, the craniosacral system’s anatomy and physiology, how the system affects the body’s well-being, the anatomy and physiology of fascia diaphragms, how to integrate craniosacral therapy techniques with other modalities, and how to release “energy cysts”. With the craniosacral massage training you’ll receive in this craniosacral course you’ll be able to answer the questions: What is cranial therapy and what is cranial sacral therapy.

Received Bronze Telly Award

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