Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Pelvic Girdle

Presenting: Meade Steadman



Go deeper with deep tissue massage on the pelvic girdle, including the musculo-skeletal area of the iliac crest, sacro-iliac joint, and greater trochanter of the femur and surrounding nerves, arteries, tendons, ligaments, and musculature (retractors, elevators, and depressors). Ideal for chronically tense and contracted areas, deep tissue massage is the therapist’s answer to addressing deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia. In this instructional video, expert massage therapist and instructor, Meade Steadman demonstrates how to provide therapeutic deep tissue massage on the pelvic girdle of both men and women, with demonstrations on the anterior and posterior and in-depth discussions of physiology and anatomy. Includes routines for warming up, establishing client communication and trust, performing advanced massage and stretch techniques for specific areas and complaints, determining primary pain versus opposing distortion, balancing, and flushing toxins. Warning: This video may contain partial nudity. View at your own discretion.

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