Myofascial Release Techniques

Presenting: John Hoffmann



In this myofascial release technique video certified massage therapist, John Hoffmann, demonstrates the strokes and techniques for a detailed myofascial release training session for the entire body. In this comprehensive myofascial DVD, he also addresses benefits and contraindications, warm-up, landmark muscles along their anatomical path, and how to address specific complaints. Through the development of disease or injury, the fascia can become restrictive and a source of tension, exerting pressure, causing pain, and limiting mobility. Myofascial release techniques help to smooth out the fiber, allowing the body to move and function properly. This deep tissue massage, while promoting relaxation, creates change in the physical structure of the muscle and fascia. This three hour DVD is the most detailed Myofascial Release DVD ever produced. With the myofascial training you’ll receive in this myofascial release course you can bring this modality to your clients with confidence.

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