Clipper Cutting Techniques for Black Men, Vol. 2
Clipper Cutting Techniques for Black Men, Volume 2Learn from the “Best Hairstylist in Hollywood”, Mr. Charles McCoy, on how to provide today’s most popular clipper cuts for black men. In this training video, Mr. Charles will show you how to provide a Mini Afro Cut, Perimeter/Temple Fade Cut, Tapered Cut, Bald Fade Cut, Half Fade Cut, and Beard and Mustache Trim. He also demonstrates how to edge and outline for sharp lines, including for sideburns, beards, mustaches, and neckline. Using regular clippers and outliners, Mr. Charles shows how to cut freehand and with guards, how to cut with the scissor-over-comb and clipper-over-comb techniques, how to correct a haircut, and how to finish with shears. He also shows how to work with different hair textures, save time behind the chair, build clientele, and market your services. With this comprehensive instructional video, you’ll have the edge behind the chair.

Presenting: Charles McCoy

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